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Conditional Sentence Type 1. → It is possible and also very likely that the condition will be fulfilled. Form: if + Simple Present, will-Future

Conditional, Sentence, Type, 1

Most of students find it difficulties when it comes to Conditional sentences. Either they cannot find the appropriate type of condition or adapt the situation. Or, they make mistakes when they are confused with the sequence of tenses. In this lesson, we will be dealing with the first type of condition. 


For the most part, when we are making plans for future we have to take into consideration multiple factors before we can make a final decision. For example, we would like to go to visit my uncle next Friday, but as it is only 07 morning we cannot be sure if he is at home or not. It is possible that maybe he spent the night out.So, when we talk about plans we usually say :

- I will visit my uncle if he is at home

Examples :

===> ''If he is doing good, he will come to university tomorrow'' or ''he will come to university tomorrow if he is good.''

===> ''If I get my driving license, I will buy a nice car '' or '' I will buy a nice car if I get my driving license.''

===> ''If you don't come on time, you will miss the train'' or ''you will miss the train if you don't come on time.''

- Quick practice exercise

1- If I ........(not:to find) my book, I .....(to buy) a new one from the store.

2- If the train .....(not:to come) soon, we....(to have to) go by train.

3- If you .....(to stay) there, no one .....(to be able to) pass.

4-  If the manager ...(not:to arrive) soon, I ...(to go) to look for him.

5- If the team....(to win) this match, it ....(to take) part in the next Olympic Games.

6- We ....(to have to) wear two jackets if it (be) very cold outside

7- The cat.....(to scratch) you if you (to touch) it.

8- My parents ....(not:to let) me go out if ....(not:to finish) my homework. 


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